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When people were pounding at my house door - by G

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That moment

GE student-inmate from institution TM1 Consolation Prize

When people were pounding at my house door, I knew who they were and why they were knocking. They were the CID officers who were coming to arrest me for the gang fight that had happened three days ago which left a man in a coma.

My mother, who believed that I was an angel, looked at me, her eyes glistening with tears when she saw me being dragged by the officers. The look on her face stayed with me for the rest of my life, like words carved on a rock. My mother, the most beautiful soul of my life, was burning with despair just because of my mistake. I misplaced her trust. My loving mother who sacrificed her whole life to raise me and my four siblings as a single parent was crying and it is all because of me. That very thought was eating on me when I was locked up at Cantonment Police Headquarters.

It was only five hours later that I was brought to an investigation room, where an investigation officer (IO) was waiting for me. He simply slammed a stack of papers in front of me as I started denying that I was involved in anything against the law. As my eyes were quickly scanning through the papers, I realised two things, one was that my friends, who called me “bro” were nothing but selfish pricks who have made me a scapegoat! Another one was that I am in a great load of trouble.

“Your friends have all pointed their dirty fingers at you, G! Do not even think of saving yourself and tell us the truth,” said the officer.

I did not need much persuasion after that. I told him everything I remembered about the incident. I told him how I was called up to help my friend who was caught by a group of rival gang members. I told him how I attacked the man who is currently in the intensive care unit with a metal rod I brought with me.

I was engulfed by sorrow when I was brought back to my cell. I was devastated by the betrayals my friends have done to me. I was burning with guilt for breaking my mother’s trust. Have I not done to my mother like how my friends have done to me? I have betrayed the unconditional love and trust my mother has placed on me.

The next day, my name was called as I was led to the bail room to collect my properties. A familiar face was waiting for me. It was my mother. Nothing can describe the shame I felt at that moment. After a few seconds of awkward silence she said “I know you have made a mistake but you are still my son. Nothing can change my love for you and we will go through this ordeal together okay?” she smiled.

At that moment, that very precise moment, something in me changed. I knew I will never raise my hands on another person ever again. I knew that with my mother’s love and trust, I will change for the better and hopefully forever.

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