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& Upskilling

Opening new pathways to unimagined possibilities

Education provides opportunities for self-growth and advancement.

SACA's Education Support Programme was implemented with the intention of supporting clients who wish to pursue education & skills upgrading to achieve their goals post-release. ESP provides holistic support for our student-clients in multiple areas, with the hope that they remain motivated, focused and committed till the successful completion of their studies.

The core of the programme consists of:

Casework management


And is complemented by supportive elements such as:

Course fee subsidies

Allowance schemes

Tuition support

Career guidance

Workshops & programmes

About ESP
Writing with Pen

Education Support Programme Details


Programme Eligibility

The Education Support Programme is open to all clients who wish to pursue an educational journey.

Course Fee Subsidies

Student-clients can apply for course fee subsidies under the available co-payment schemes.


All subsidy applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. The amount subsidised varies from course to course and the quantum will be decided by the Education Committee. 

Lee Foundation Education Assistance Scheme (LFEAS)

For applicants pursuing academic courses:

GCE (‘N’, ‘O’, ‘A’ level);

Local polytechnic diploma courses;

Local university degree courses

Skills Upgrading Scheme (SUS)

For applicants pursuing skills-based courses from an accredited training organisation:

WSQ Approved Training Organization (ATO);

WSQ Approved Training Organization-Private Education Institution (ATO-PEI);

Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres;

Part-time ISC, NITEC and higher NITEC courses offered by ITE

Available Subsidies

Subsidy Eligibility

  • Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident​

  • Applicant has been released from prison or Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) not more than 2 years at time of application

  • Applicant is due for release soon and will be continuing his/her studies after release

  • Applicant has been accepted by a local institution

  • Applicant has a monthly gross household per capita income not exceeding $1,900.00

Graduation Celebration

How to Apply

If you are an offender in an institution or emplaced on a Community Based Programme, please approach your Programme Officer.

​If you are an ex-offender, please contact SACA directly:

6294 2350/6294 2763 or via email at

Application Process

review by

Your application will be processed and reviewed by the Education Committee.

There are four application review windows yearly - January, April, July & October.

& submit

If you are eligible, submit an application with the relevant documents.

goals & eligibility

Chat with a SACA staff who can help assist with identifying your goals.


Reach us at 6294 2350/6294 2763 or


SACA will contact you to let you know your application status.

Adult Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What information should be provided in the application form?

Please have a look at the application forms: LFEAS form | SUS form.

What documents must an applicant submit together with the completed application form?

  • Acceptance letter from the education institution

  • Highest Educational Certificate(s)

  • Testimonial from Prison

  • Letters of any financial awards, scholarship held previously or currently

  • Salary slip of applicant and family members (living together) OR

  • Latest CPF statement of applicant and family members (living together)

When must an applicant submit the application form?

  • For inmates applying for the scheme, they can check through the Prison Programme Officer for the application deadline.

  • For ex-offenders interested to apply for the scheme, they may check with SACA about the submission deadline.

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