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About SACA


The Singapore After-Care Association is a key aftercare agency that helps ex-offenders adjust to life after prison.

Staff & volunteers at SACA step in to help as much as possible. When ex-offenders do well after they are released from prison, they are less likely to re-offend again.

After clients are released from prison, they often experience shame and feel judged by society.

They wonder if their family and friends will accept them. Depression and anxiety among them are common. Housing, familial & financial issues are some of the challenges that come up. 

Can they find the stability and strength to cope with the stresses of life and not reoffend?

An exemplary organisation in the aftercare sector, SACA is committed to:

Empowering ex-offenders

to take ownership of their own transformation & facilitating their reintegration into society by mobilising them, their families and the public;

Fostering a change in mindset

of both ex-offenders and society to enable ex-offenders achieve their fundamental life goals and needs.

Hands Up


in 1956

SACA was formed in 1956 and registered as a charity with an IPC status in 1984.

The Association is a voluntary welfare organisation affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is also a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network. Find out more about our history below.


SACA is supported by a committed group of staff, volunteers and Executive Committee. 


Through case management, counselling, education assistance and more, we provide programmes and services that support clients and their families in the journey of reintegration & rehabilitation. 

Find out more about what we do to support.

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Rebuilding lives

Through our programmes and services, SACA hopes to help rebuild lives and empower clients to take ownership of their transformation. 

Find out more about our impact work for the year through our annual report. Click the image to view full report.

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