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What We Do 

Our team of trained social service professionals, as well as volunteer after-care officers, support ex-offenders and their families in their journey of reintegration and rehabilitation. 

The support extended looks into different aspects of life. This includes daily needs, self-improvement, emotional well-being, education, skills upgrading and family cohesion; carried out through intervention such as case management, counselling, advocacy and training. More about our programmes & services below. 

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After clients are released from prison, they often experience shame and feel judged by society. They wonder if their family and friends will accept them. Depression and anxiety among them are common. Housing, familial & financial issues are some of the challenges that come up.


Finding stability and the strength to cope with the stresses of life is crucial and steers them away from the likelihood of re-offending. The team at SACA step in to help as much as possible and provide a pathway for support where needed.



When clients are released from prison, returning back to regular life may be met with challenges to adapt.

Oftentimes, they need support and guidance to maneuver through what comes up for them. SACA case managers provide individualised case management* and counselling services to clients and their families, with the intention of identifying core rehabilitation needs and providing support to help break the cycle of re-offending. 

Case Management Services is a structured mandatory programme for ex-offenders referred by Singapore Prison Service, and is catered to clients on Community-Based Sentencing and Direct Release programmes, and their families, on a referral basis.

*SACA also offers case management to clients & family members on a non-referral basis. More info here.

 Case Management Services (CMS) 

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 Education Support Programme (ESP) 

We believe education is instrumental in opening new doors to career opportunities and previously unimagined possibilities for clients.


However, dreams of pursuing an education are hampered due to a variety of reasons such as a lack of knowledge on upgrading opportunities, lack of family support and guidance, as well as financial constraints.


At SACA, we provide holistic support for our student-clients through our Education Support Programme (ESP) with the hope that they remain motivated and focused till the successful completion of their studies. The programme is open to all ex-offenders who are keen on furthering their education to achieve their goals.


Society plays a huge part in the reintegration journey of a client. Oftentimes, those struggling to reintegrate into society have a distinct lack of pro-social peers to turn to for support and guidance - it is here where a volunteer plays a crucial role. 

We recruit and train Volunteer After-Care Officers (VAOs) to assist our clients under our volunteer programmes, complementing other initiatives for ex-offenders and their families conducted by our full-time social workers and case managers. Programmes include Befriending and the Initiative for Incarcerated Mothers and their Children (IIMAC). 

 Volunteer After-Care Programme (VAP) 

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 Training & Online Courses 

SACA offers bespoke training sessions & online courses that are related to the aftercare landscape. 

We play an active role in coordinating and facilitating training for professionals in the sector and as well as for individuals who are curious about rehabilitation & reintegration.


SACA provides reintegration assistance through information sharing and referrals for clients and their families.

This support is available via phone call, email or walking in to SACA's office directly.

 Information & Referral Services 



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