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They readily accept their fate without first trying to change their habits - by M.Z.

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'N' level student-inmate from institution TM1

Consolation Prize

Acceptance is an all-important component of the lives of individual beings. It allows us to live in contentment by accepting who we are and appreciating our positions in society. It cultivates high-self esteem and determination among individuals to appreciate and respect themselves in standings society.


Acceptance is also crucial in helping individuals to cope with the challenging situations in our lives. For instance, the death of loved ones. Vulnerable minds who cannot accept the loss of their loved one may well suffer from hatred, vengeance and mental issues. Worse of all are those who act out as a result, harming those they thought responsible for the death of their loved ones or they end up commiting suicide. Hence, the importance of acceptance cannot be stressed further when dealing with matters of life and death.


Moreover, acceptance pushes individuals to believe that they are important to their societies in diverse ways. Take, for example, Nick Vujicic, the man without limbs, who has every reason to wallow in self-pity, and blame god for his unfortunate existence. Instead, he embraces his condition and uses it to influence individuals by allowing them to accept and appreciate themselves regardless of any hardship. He guides people to have more faith in themselves by stressing the significance of appreciating life and oneself. His tremendous works help to shape individuals who later embrace the elements that drive their lives. As such, acceptance helped build one’s courage and confidence to improve their lives.


On the flipside, there are those who lack the wisdom to differentiate between accepting the thing that they cannot change and accepting the things that they can change. To illustrate, there are many drug addicts and alcoholics I met that refused to change their ways, blaming fate and their upbring but not themselves. They readily accept their fate without first trying to change their habits. Therefore, acceptance must work in tandem with determination and the will to change.


All in all, the theme of acceptance is far and wide. It takes great courage to change the things that we can change. Tremendous strength is needed to accept the things that we cannot change. Lastly, wisdom is important to know the difference.




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