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Believe that you can do it and see yourself doing it - by M.A.

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'N' level student-inmate from institution TM1

Consolation Prize

Resilience is having the ability to withstand adversity through difficult times. It is also a skill one could acquire. Those without resilience might feel that everything is over after a difficult life event but those with resilience will know how to bounce back from it. It does not mean resilient people do not experience stress, emotional upheaval or sufferings. They do experience it but rather than letting negativity be the better of them, they tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges. 


Life is full of problems. Everyday, one might face some difficulty or challenge. Being resilient is how they work through the problems. You know you have a problem, be patient, clear your mind and start thinking of possible solutions for the problem. Cultivate a belief in your ability to cope. Believe that you can do it and see yourself doing it. Picture it in your mind most importantly do not worry about getting some help.


There are some principles of resilience: stay connected with sources of support, talk about what you’re going through, be helpful to others, activate positive emotion, cultivate an attitude of survivorship in yourself and lastly, seek meaning. You can find support in many places. Family, friends, teachers and so on. Always stay connected with them and talk about what you’re going through. It is better to have a few opinions than only one’s.


Also, do not only seek help from people but also return the help. Be helpful to everyone no matter what it takes. Activate positive emotions to yourself and those around you. Do not let negative thinking and negative emotions get to you. One who always dwells on oneself’s negative thoughts will subconsciously program their mind to think in negativity. Learn how to be a survivor. Having an attitude of survivorship will likely be a benefit in your life. Seeking meaning behind resilience is also important. Believe that having resilience is the key to a better life.


We have to be resilient, especially in our current situation. Covid-19 had caused chaos everywhere. It has cost many people. Some of them, their jobs and some even the lives of their loved ones. But we must know, must remember that this doesn’t mean the end of everything. We can still fight. Everybody is fighting. In fact, the whole world is fighting and in times like this, we must be united. We must be resilient.


In summary, do not give up hope just because something happened. Have resilience. Learn to stay calm and manage any difficult events. Remember the pillars of resilience: self-awareness, be aware of your feelings, self-care, care for yourself as much as you care for others. Positive relationship - keep your circle full of positive people and finally purpose -  know what you are being resilient for. By strengthening the pillars, we in turn, become more resilient.

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