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A selfless thought of today can make a difference - by A

Chosen Topic:

What is the most important ethical value in our lives?

'O' level student-inmate from institution TM1

Consolation Prize

People always speak about how great it is to raise a child. If that is so, then raising another person’s child is even more noble for the difference made. Differences makers have a golden emblem in their hearts to enable them to make the positive changes that shape the world into a better place. This golden emblem is the mark of the most important moral principle in our lives – selflessness. 


As a beneficiary, I am a concrete example of what this great selflessness has done to my life and how it affects my long-term decision making.


I was adopted by my adoptive parents a few days after birth. This couple was unable to conceive hence they made a major decision by raising another's child. When I first understood this truth at a tender age, I did not see the value in such an action but only saw myself as an unfortunate kid that was born under the wrong constellation. Knowing that I was troubled by this matter of fact, my mother asked me if I would like to locate my biological parents when I was reaching adulthood and my answer was a clear ‘No'. Looking back, I believe I would have ceased to exist if not for my adoptive parents who took great care of me when I was suffering from severe illness in my early childhood and therefore this made me so aware that the credit of bringing up a child is so much greater than that of bringing him into this world. This difference made in me by two kind souls has led me to also make the decision of being an adoptive parent to other children.


It is natural for us as humans to find it unacceptable to regard any possession that we do not find sense of belonging in as our own, unless you have a golden emblem at heart. Most people usually only favour one that they have blood relation with and are biased against those who are not, worse off if they are of different races. It was all attributed to my parents’ selfless love towards me that I realize I am raceless, as my adoptive family and biological family were said to be of different races. Thus, this has taught me to treat everyone around the world equally as brothers and sisters under the same heaven and not to differentiate one another by race.


Afterall, I thought if there are more selfless acts delivered and impacting more individuals, more people will perceive life with a new positive perspective. As selflessness is an ethical value that is gradually diminishing in today’s world of chaos, it is therefore significant to have more people to consider implanting that golden emblem in their hearts with hopes to reverse the despair state of our world.


A selfless thought of today can make a difference to the lives of many generations to come and it always begins with one beneficiary, remember.

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