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What is it about?

  • There is generally a lack of access to relevant research data on which to base programmes and services in the aftercare sector
  • We have undertaken research as part of an initiative of the CARE Network focusing on gaining a better understanding of existing local and overseas studies relevant to the sector
  • Additionally SACA will undertake to conduct research in areas that are of particular importance to the Network

Who is it for?

  • Professionals and volunteers in the aftercare sector


* Done in FY 2014

Impact of befriending on ex-offender reintegration
Housing issues faced by ex-offenders
Issues faced by children of incarcerated parents
Youth offenders' needs
Ex-offenders’ education and training needs
Challenges faced by ageing ex-offenders

  • The Needs of Children of Incarcerated Mothers & Their Caregivers.
  • Volunteers in Corrections: Profiles and Training Needs
  • Reintegration Needs and Challenges Faced by Elderly Ex-offenders in Singapore
  • Value of Befriending to Inmate and Ex-Offender Clients: An Exploratory Study on the Befriending Programme
  • What Happens After Graduation: The Challenges Faced by Ex-offenders and Support Required in Their Reintegration Post-graduation
  • Examining the Role of Perceived Social Support in the Reintegration of Ex-offenders
  • Employing Ex-Offenders on Community Based Programmes: What Affects Their Decision to Stay or Leave?
  • Re-Entry needs of female ex-offenders
  • Family Services in the Criminal Justice System
  • Education and Training Needs of Ex-Offenders
  • Issues and Challenges Faced by Ageing Ex-Offenders
  • From Beneficiary to Peer Mentor
  • Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: Considerations for Singapore
  • Accommodation Issues & Challenges for Ex-Offenders: Implications for Singapore
  • The Role of Befriending and Mentoring in the Reintegration Journey of Ex-offenders
  • Working with Offenders and Ex-offenders in the Community: Considerations for wellness of practitioners
  • Parenting Programmes for Incarcerated Fathers