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Our Logo

Our logo features a heart encircling two stylised bodies – where one personifies the discharged offenders and their families while the other personifies the community. The gradual convening of the two bodies represents the partnership required between both parties in order to reach the goal of complete reintegration – as symbolised by the circle.

To inculcate acceptance on the part of the community, love and care for a fellow human being are essential attributes. On the other hand, the discharged offenders and their families should prize self-care and self-acceptance if they aspire to become fully integrated members of the community. The heart – which encircles the two stylised bodies – aptly represents these attributes of love, care and acceptance.

Lastly, the entire logo represents a doorway and the role of SACA – to open doors between the clients we help and the community.

A clean and precise typeface complements the logo to convey a focused and forward-looking organisation.

The enriched colour palette of vivid blue and yellow reflects the Association’s confidence and optimism.