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Hello, It's Me

“The imposing gates of Changi Prison loomed large as I approached the all too familiar path and passed through them into freedom once more. I stood outside the prison walls and held my treasured photo again after so long and savoured the image with keen nostalgia. I realised Father was getting on in years and would not be around forever. I knew I had to make my peace before it was too late. Not wanting to waste another minute, I went to the petrol station across the road and placed a call to him. The phone rang for what seemed an eternity before he picked it up.

Without preamble I said, ‘Hello, it’s me Father. I’m sorry for all the grief I’ve caused over the years. Please forgive me.”

A pregnant silence stretched unbearably across the chasm. At last he uttered, ‘It’s alright son, it’s alright. Come home.’

As I hung up the phone and thought of home my eyes welled up with tears that were dammed for years. It is said that forgiveness is the best gift to receive – this is true. I was finally free in every sense of the word. The reconciliation with Father delivered a never before known quiet to my guilt ridden and once tortured soul."

- Amateur Category, 2017