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Project ACE & Mentoring Programme

May 01, 2018

The Association is always looking for ways to upgrade and enhance its programmes to better serve the everchanging needs of our clients. Expanding the purview of the current Education Support Programme's (ESP) structure, two initiatives have been put into effect in their pilot phase.

Project ACE (Achieving Change through Education): An initiative for Student-Inmates at Prison School

Student-inmates who are released from prison a few months prior to their GCE examinations struggle greatly. They will be confronted by a host of stressors when they are released, and may score poorly or miss out on the exams due to various pressures and distractions.

The objective of this initiative is thus to engage and motivate them through group sessions and provide support until their examinations. We will be looking into counselling, provision of study areas, tution and workshops, and mentoring. 

The pilot phase will run from May to December 2018.


This  new initiatve facilitates the exchange of information and support between new student-clients of the ESP and their mentors - senior students or graduates of the programme who have had similar experiences and are able to relate to their juniors. The programme is slated to run for half a year.


Do follow us closely for further updates of these new initiatives and activities!