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PLAY ME, I'M YOURS Piano Auction: Interview with Cindy

February 23, 2017

Meet Cindy, proud owner of the SACA piano

Cindy – a theatre company professional dealing with events and artiste management – has always been yearning to get back on the piano keys for many years now.

“I was too lazy to keep practising back when I was younger, but it would be nice to get back to playing the piano now that I have one at home!” she shared, laughing.

She had been spending many days at the Esplanade in June last year while working on  a  theatre production there when she came across an exhibition of pianos in varying colours  and designs. Intrigued, she later found out that the pianos on display were part of the Play  Me, I’m Yours Singapore initiative – where 25 social organisations collaborated with 25  local artists to decorate 25 pre-loved pianos donated by or sourced from the public. The  decorated pianos were then presented to the community and placed in public places (such  as the Esplanade), encouraging participation, excitement and enjoyment of arts & music for  all.

“I also found out that the pianos were then placed on auction with all proceeds going to the  organisations and their beneficiaries. I felt it was a win-win situation as I had been looking for a piano anyway, and this is indeed a creative way to donate and give back to society,”  Cindy said.

She then read up on the various organisations involved and the stories behind each piano  up for auction, and eventually decided to bid for the SACA piano simply because she has  always found the cause of reintegrating lives interesting. Plus, the SACA piano was painted  and decorated in a combination of her favourite colours!


“Yes” to second chances
A supporter of second chances, Cindy felt a strong connection with SACA and the cause right  away. Looking back, she did not do well in school, but was still given many opportunities  throughout her career. Her working environment thus far does not focus solely on her academic background but on her ability to perform instead.

“I believe the notion of giving second chances is rare in our society, but it is something we should encourage to ensure those who have made mistakes before are still able to bounce  back and do better,” Cindy shared.

She believes a strong support system is also crucial in helping them get back on the right  path. She then went on to share the story of her uncle who used to be heavily in debt and  got involved with loansharks – to the point where he had to leave the country to get away from them. He could only return home many years later, and with the help of his siblings, he was then able to start his own small business and earn an honest living.

“This is why having a strong support system would be of great help in one’s attempt to  make things right. I see SACA as being that surrogate family for ex-offenders who do not  have that support system to lean on to,” Cindy commented.

To donate and volunteer
Cindy – who used to volunteer often but could not donate much when she was younger –  finds herself facing the reverse situation as she gets older. Currently contributing to a regular  giving programme for World Vision – a Christian relief, development and advocacy  organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities worldwide to  reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice – Cindy is drawn to organisations which equip beneficiaries with the relevant skills to be self-reliant and sustainable in future.

“That is why I chose to support SACA by buying the piano in the auction. I believe in SACA  and the work that it does – helping people overcome hurdles in their lives now in order for them to be self-sustaining for the future. This is very important work that not anyone can take on,” she said.

Cindy also hopes to go into long term volunteering when she retires from her profession.
“I hope to become a trained volunteer in future. Being able to work directly with  clients – to just be that someone for them to talk to, motivating them and ensuring they stick to the plan – that would be most ideal.  I believe the knowledge and skills I will gain will help me in dealing with my personal relationships as well,” she shared.

Thank you, Cindy!

SACA truly appreciates Cindy’s support for the work that we do towards the cause of reintegrating lives. We hope you enjoy the piano lovingly decorated by our Education Support Programme student-clients, staff as well as talented artist, Ms Kate Pocklington.