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Holiday Programme 2018

July 22, 2018

 (Photo courtesy of Wild Wild Wet)

Traditionally, SACA's Holiday Programme is a fun day for our clients and their family members, hosted in the June holidays. This year, however, the event was shifted to July to avoid a clash with Hari Raya fasting for our Muslim clients and staff.

SACA's Case Managers were excited for the 22 July 2018. The run-up to the Holiday Programme held on Sunday was a busy one - the planning committee was swamped with designing flyers for the event, collating responses, liaising with Wild Wild Wet on sponsorship opportunities, and preparing logistics.Nonetheless, we were excited to see our hard work come to fruition.

Indeed, we felt encouraged to receive warm responses from our clients and their loved ones. The event saw a total of 104 clients and family members attending. Before entering Wild Wild Wet to enjoy the many thrilling rides, families got together to decorate a photo frame, in which they will place their family photo which was snapped and printed at the venue. Our participants found this activity fun and meaningul.

The rest of the day was free and easy time for our clients to bond with their family members. Indeed, they had a phenomenal time scaling the water rides together, particularly the children of our clients.. Our clients and families feedbacked to the team that both parties felt supported and involved in the recovery process as they got to interact with other recovering individuals.

The team is definitely moving to see our clients and loved ones get along with empathy and understanding. The event ended on a great note, and the Association would like to thank Wild Wild Wet for their assistance in coordinating the event. Thank you also goes out to Far East Organisation for sponsoring Yeo's packet drinks for our goodie bags.