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ESP Event I: Un-lock your Future

April 04, 2017

On the 26th March , 7 of our ESP students were treated to SACA’s first ESP event of the year. Together with 3 case managers and 1 assistant case manager from SACA, they fueled up for a grueling afternoon of fun with cheesy fries, chicken fries, and flaming hot deals at Burger King.

After some icebreaker introductions, the students were split into two teams for the first activity of the day: the Scavenger Hunt. The teams were required to search for answers to riddles and snap a photo of the answers, located around Central and Quayside. The heat was on as the students put their thinking caps on and located the clues in record time. Alas, the competition was stiff as it came down to both teams being neck and neck at the final station – Love Locks – where they were tasked to search for an identical lock as pictured in their list of clues.

Team A emerged victorious only seconds before Team B! However, due to a sudden turn of events, Team B emerged winner by default, as one of the photos taken by Team A at an outdoor clue had not been registered by their camera.

Nonetheless, both teams received bags of Snickers chocolates to congratulate them on finishing the game way before the time limit (how long?)

After a quick water break, teams regrouped for the next activity, which everyone had been eagerly anticipating: Lockdown. A real-life escape game, Lockdown pits teams against the clock as they race against time to unravel the mysteries of the themed rooms. That afternoon, Team A was locked in an impending Zombie apocalypse where they pitted themselves against time to save themselves. Team B was thrust in The Forgotten Temple as tomb raiders, finding treasures in an ancient temple that archaeologists have discovered before other tomb raiders arrived.

Despite the pressures of time, both teams managed to keep a cool head and decipher the riddles calmly. Putting their heads together, they solved the riddles in no time. With motion-sensors and surprises at every corner, it was definitely a hair-raising experience, with plenty of laughs and scares. The students were highly engaged and persevered throughout the hour, solving the riddles through their own wit (with only slight assistance from the intercom!).

Overall, it was a great start to the year ahead, and the students were refreshed from the fun outing. Do you have any suggestions on what we should do on future outings? Drop us your comments on our Facebook