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Community Service: Family Edition

September 30, 2018

On 30 September 2018, 31 of SACA's clients attended the second Community Service event for the year. This time, the Association visited Sree Narayana Mission. It was a special occassion for both SACA's case managers as well as our clients because it was the first community service involving family members of our clients. A total of 18 family members accompanied our clients, totalling to a strength of 49 participants for the day.

A carnival theme meant that senior residents were treated to a fun day of games and treats; family members and clients engaged the residents in board games such as snakes and ladders, card games such as UNO, jigsaw puzzles, and more. The residents were given goodie bags , and everyone enjoyed popcorn sponsored by Candy House, for which the Association is immensely thankful for!  Clients also brought home with them polaroid photos as mementos for the special day. 

The objective of having family members partake in community service was to enhance our usual community service event, and we believe it would be additionally meaningul to be doing this together. We hope that this small act of serving others have brought our clients and their families closer together. 

It was heartwarming for us to witness the sincerity and enthusiasm of our clients and their loved ones in interacting with the senior residents, and with each other. We hope to be able to organise more of such events in the near future. Stay tuned!