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GOod samaritans reintegration assistance scheme

What is it about?

  • Ex-offenders usually find re-entering society a difficult process as the obstacles they face are significant. Relationships, living environment and systems that were once familiar to them might have changed.
  • Families, on the other hand, are often unfamiliar with the appropriate approaches to support their loved ones and are often uninformed of the available resources they can tap on.
  • At SACA, we function as a call-in/drop-in centre providing various services.

Services Offered:



  • Counselling
  • Job referral and follow-up support
  • Activities to promote spirit of community service & family bonding
  • Ad-hoc workshops to boost clients’ self-esteem

Who is it for?

  • Ex-offenders who require support but are not already on any aftercare programme
  • Families of ex-offenders who require support with their loved ones’ reintegration

SACA is not alone in its work. For other community resources and helplines that are available as well, please view or download this brochure