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About Us

The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) is a key aftercare agency providing welfare and rehabilitation services for discharged offenders and their families. The Association recognises that, upon release, the discharged offender (thereafter referred to as client) would face challenges related to employment, stigmatisation, and acceptance by the family and others. It also recognises that, during a client’s imprisonment, the family may be faced with several emotional and financial problems.

SACA’s aim is to assist clients and their families to cope with problems arising from the offending behaviour and the consequent incarceration. This is done with the belief that such assistance would give clients the chance to reintegrate into society successfully thereby reducing the chances of recidivism.

SACA was formed in 1956 and was registered as a charity and attained IPC status in 1984. The Association is a voluntary welfare organisation affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is also a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network.

SACA is governed by a Constitution. The Association is managed by an Executive Committee, which comprises volunteers from the public with representatives from the Prisons Department. The Committee is elected into office annually during the Annual General Meeting.

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